Who We Are

Once upon a time…

A young girl named Eileen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin loved to hear stories, tell stories, and think of new stories. She developed her fascination with storytelling from her Dad who put her to sleep at night by telling her a story, invoking a sense of wonder that began to cultivate into a curiosity for adventure and learning. By the fifth grade, Eileen became a storyteller, so obsessed with storytelling that she convinced her teacher she could write a really interesting story for the annual Thanksgiving play. Sadly, she never got a chance to see the production because her family moved two weeks before Thanksgiving to Rochester, New York.  One of those life changing experiences for a ten-year old.

Growing up in Rochester, Eileen deepened her passion to tell a story by learning foreign languages. She couldn’t wait to get to French, Spanish, German, and Latin classes in high school and figure out how to tell stories and communicate with people in countries she dreamed about visiting.  She spent a summer in Moulins, France where she lived with a family who taught her how to milk cows, cook escargot and appreciate fine wines.  She studied at American University where she earned a BA in International Studies and a MBA in International Business.  And how could she forget her amazing junior year abroad in Mexico City. Mexico, where she played for an all-girls football team, taught English, and studied at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. From there, she began an adventure of a lifetime.

Throughout her exciting career as an international businesswoman and a communications strategist, Eileen has led global branding, communications and marketing programs for government agencies, companies and non-profit organizations. She has traveled throughout the United States and to more than 20 countries around the world in every continent. Eileen’s major accomplishments include:

Corporate PR Professional of the Year Finalist and Honorable Mention

In 2010, PR News named Eileen a finalist for Corporate PR Professional of the Year, the only communications professional in the government services industry named in this award category.

Government Contractor of the Year

Positioned Vangent (now part of General Dynamics) for leading industry awards and rankings, including Government Contractor of the Year (considered the Academy Awards of the government contracting industry) and “the number one company on the move in the Federal market” by Federal Computer Week.

Rebranded Government Contracting Company, Vangent

Led rebranding of Pearson Government Solutions to Vangent, developed its successful and memorable brand name, web site, logo, communications and marketing programs when the company was sold to Veritas Capital. While at Vangent, she created and executed a memorable digital advertising campaign, “4 Out of 10 Americans Connect With Vangent, But Never Know It,” which focused on the company’s unique citizen touchpoints and results achieved for its government customers.

Spokesperson for the Peace Corps

Served as Director of Press and Public Affairs and spokesperson for the Peace Corps where she helped launch the Agency’s historic 40th anniversary celebration.

Raised $15 Million for End-of-Millennium Fundraising Campaign, Children’s Hour™

At the International Youth Foundation, she led a successful end-of-millennium fundraising campaign called Children’s Hour™ and managed the Foundation’s corporate outreach, public relations, communications, and media relations programs.

Led Delegation to Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Conference on Women’s Entrepreneurship

While serving in the Clinton Administration, she was named by President Clinton to lead a delegation of 50 women government officials and women business leaders to the OECD Conference on Women’s Entrepreneurship in Paris, France, to bring U.S. best practices to the attention of international policymakers and researchers.

Directed Small Business Administration (SBA)’s International Trade Programs

Led the SBA’s International Trade programs which encouraged small business exporting through international initiatives and provided assistance through export financing, export readiness training, and counseling. While at SBA, she developed and implemented an integrated communications and marketing plan to increase awareness of the government’s programs for small business exporters and was the Clinton Administration’s spokesperson for small business exporting.

Created Marketing and Branding Strategy for U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (US&FCS)

Developed and implemented a marketing and branding strategy for the US&FCS at the Department of Commerce while working with the late Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.  She helped create the U.S. Commercial Service’s logo which is still used today.  She also helped initiate and promote the Commerce Department’s U.S. Export Assistance Centers across the country.

Flash forward.

Eileen has taken her gift for storytelling to help others tell good stories by creating Cassidy Rivera Communications, a one-of-a-kind strategic communications, branding and integrated marketing firm. At Cassidy Rivera Communications, Eileen and her team tell compelling stories for government agencies, companies and non-profits to successfully extract unique brands, distill core messages, create compelling campaigns that build visibility and resonate with target audiences. Cassidy Rivera Communications innovatively develops new communications models that achieve measurable and impactful results in international business, politics, education and government contracting. Ultimately, Cassidy Rivera Communications helps customers attract and build a customer base to increase market share, grow revenue and build value.

Eileen’s three pillars, which she applies to every story focuses on the importance of relationships, making connections and the attainment of results. This makes her indispensable to her clients.