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How Your Brand, Culture Equal Financial Results

You’ve seen the rolling eyes when you bring up the subject of corporate culture with your CEO. “Tell me something that will help the company win more business, not cost me money,” is often a response from executives who haven’t had to describe their company’s culture to an average employee or prospect.

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Five Secrets of Better Branding for Government Contractors

There’s a good reason Vangent was named government contractor of the year at the 9th Annual Greater Washington Government Contractor Award gala.

Vangent delivered great results and had a strong brand. Over its fifty plus year history, the Vangent brand grew from a small business unit of NCS, to a $90 million operating division of Pearson PLC, to a $700+ million stand-alone company owned by Veritas Capital that was ultimately acquired by General Dynamics for $960 million on Sept. 30, 2011.

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