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What kind of message are we sending to our kids to close schools when it snows 4 inches?

Alright, I know.  It’s been 6+ months since I wrote a blog entry.  I was on a roll there, I know. Truth be told, I took a corporate job in late August last year that has been keeping me very busy. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “You just started your own company, began working with new clients, launched your website, and you sold out so quickly?”  That’s not EXACTLY what my friends and family have been telling me, but I am enjoying my new job leading global marketing and communications at a local company…but there’s no excuse for not writing – so here I go…are you ready?

So, this blog post is 30% therapeutic, 30% cathartic and 40% an attempt at making a really big, fat, and hairy statement about the insanity of closing schools when it snows…4 inches and the temperature dips into the single digits?  OK – I must take a big, deep inhale before I write anymore. Breathe. OK – done.  But, really? How are these decisions made? Who makes them? Based on what facts? I digress for just a bit.

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