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Ron Brown Way

Ron Brown Way

I can’t let April go by without remembering someone who was a major influence in my life.  For the last 17 years, I remember April 3, 1996 as if it was yesterday.  That’s the day when the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 other people – 11 Commerce employees, many of whom were close friends – died in a tragic plane crash near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

I still remember what I was doing on that day.  I was in my office at the Small Business Administration talking on the phone to my friend, Dan McLaughlin, who had spoken earlier that day to Lawry Payne, one of the 34 people who died in that tragic plane crash.  Dan, Lawry and I worked closely together at the Commerce Department when we served in the Clinton Administration.  Lawry was one of a kind.  He was smart, ambitious, kind and incredibly talented.  While Dan and I were talking on the phone, we both heard a breaking story about a plane crash in Croatia.  We quickly ended our conversation and headed to the closest TV.  Read More

“We’re in Business to Help Change Lives”

“We’re in Business to Help Change Lives.” That’s the first thing you see when you click on “Our Movement” page on TOMS website. Underneath this bold statement, it gets even better:

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