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How to Take Your Marketing and Communications Strategy to New Heights in 2013 (For Practically Free*)

Feb 4, 2013


In: The Buzz

As a government services MarCom executive, it’s likely you’ve been in ‘2013 mode’ for a while.  Over the past few months, you’ve submitted, fought for and defended budget requests to support your company’s marketing and communications activities this year. Throughout your budget planning process, you’ve been eyeing opportunities and new ways to deepen your company’s brand visibility, jump-start a lead-generation campaign, upgrade your company’s digital presence, diversify your company’s participation in trade shows and conferences or perhaps create a totally new outreach strategy combining social media and traditional marketing techniques.  You may be in an even bolder place with a greater headcount to augment your already over-stretched staff to more effectively support your company’s efforts to win new business and grow revenue during challenging times.

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